New York City based Guitarist KEVIN DELANEY hails from Long Island, NY, the musical hotbed that has spawned such virtuosic guitarists as Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Al Pitrelli, and John Petrucci. He started playing guitar at the age of seven, formed his first band by age twelve and released his first professional record at the age of sixteen. Since then, his guitar, production, and songwriting skills have fueled indie powerhouses Kreep, Grayson Manor, Out’ve The Box, Sugar Love Honey, and many others along the way. Kevin also composed a music score for indie horror film Jimbo which made the rounds on the international film festival circuit, garnering awards in the process.


In 2009 Kevin released his first instrumental album titled The Awakening. He played all of the instruments himself, in addition to handling all mixing and mastering duties. The Awakening was a testament to his abilities as a writer and composer. “Kevin Delaney showcases his musical chops like Shaggy snags a Scooby Snack,” gushed Sean Coulter of the East Coast Rocker. “This is not some mindless shred-fest, but rather a collection of well-crafted songs that pay homage to the progenitors of American guitar rock: Randy Rhoads and Eddie Van Halen”. The album includes standout tracks Awaken, The Gates, Halfway, and Carpet Ride.


Fast forward to 2018 and Kevin Delaney is excited to unveil his new instrumental album, Unusual Clarity. A natural progression from where he left off with The Awakening, Kevin again produced and performed everything himself. Unusual Clarity contains all the hard and heavy edges, as well as all the peaks and valleys of an emotional roller coaster ride. Catchy Melodies permeate and fluid guitar playing resonate on songs such as Sunday Mourning, Into the Ether, Transcendence, and Believers. Above all, they highlight his deft songwriting skill and true musicianship. Unusual Clarity is another leap forward in Kevin Delaney’s musical journey as the world bears witness to his evolution as a musician, guitarist, composer, producer, and instrumental artist.